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Welcome to Sixt rent a car in Los Angeles, California!

Enjoy your stay in Los Angeles to the fullest with a great deal on a rent a car from Sixt. Those without a car in Los Angeles put themselves at a serious disadvantage as there is really no way to be mobile with out one. With an affordable, top quality Sixt car rental car you’ll have the means to be on the move and not miss out the city’s great attractions. Visit its great museums and cruise around its infamous districts like Hollywood and Beverly Hills. You can drive down the famous roads like Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive and head up into the hills to peek at the fabulous homes of the rich and famous. Best of all you can make excursions to the beach! Drive to Malibu or Santa Monica to soak up some sun and surf or head to funky Venice Beach to see yet another side of the city. Whatever you do in Los Angeles make the most of your trip with Sixt!


Late Nights in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Summer Nights are Late Nights Typically known for preferring their beauty sleep over all-nighters, Angelinos are staying out late this summer at several events. Here are some L.A. late night options that...


Destination LA!

Well it’s about time to get your bags backed and head somewhere different this weekend, what do you think? It’s good to have a change from your normal everyday life in San Jose and...


Zero to Sexy with Sixt rent a car

If you couldn’t find the Sixt rent a car at LAX airport, you can now! The new billboard is located on Airport Boulevard next to The Renaissance Hotel, you can’t miss it. But before...

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