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Sixt has some great ideas for road trips that are 500 miles or less. It’s amazing how within a short distance you can travel from beaches to deserts, big cities to open wilderness, and encounter unique sites along the way! With our tips for what to do within 500 miles you have the opportunity for an exciting adventure that offers a complete package. We have ideas for outdoor activities, city sightseeing, and of course, ways to relax and have fun. Get ready for the road and to expand your horizons in just a few hours!

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500 Miles: Indianapolis, Indiana

Mobile through the Midwest with a 500 Mile Road Trip from Indianapolis A road trip 500 miles from Indianapolis takes you through some of the best of the Midwest. Get to know the contemporary...


500 Miles: Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

A 500 Mile Road Trip with Sixt from Philadelphia On a 500 mile road trip from Philadelphia you can experience quite a few changes of scenery. From the calm beauty of the Poconos, the...


500 Miles: Dallas, Texas

A Road Trip 500 Miles from Dallas Reveals a Rich Diversity Experience the expansiveness of Texas with a road trip 500 miles from Dallas. See the sights of great cities like Fort Worth and...


500 Miles: Phoenix, Arizona

Awe inspiring drives in Arizona with a road trip 500 miles from Phoenix Experience the sublime beauty of the Southwest with a road trip 500 miles from Phoenix. Enjoy the landscape’s changing palette as...


500 Miles: Las Vegas, Nevada

From Ghost Towns to Geological Wonders a Road Trip 500 miles from Las Vegas There is more to see on a road trip from Las Vegas besides obvious destinations like the Grand Canyon or...


500 Miles: Atlanta, Georgia

Time Travel Through Georgia on a 500 Mile Road Trip from Atlanta A road trip 500 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, takes you from the present day to the ancient past with many stops in-between....


500 Miles: Denver, Colorado

Let Nature Take its Course on a Road Trip 500 miles from Denver  If you never get bored of natural wonders then a road trip 500 miles from Denver will keep you well entertained....


500 Miles: Detroit, Michigan

A 500 Mile Road Trip from Detroit Highlights Michigan’s Diversity Michigan is a land of pleasant contradictions; from urban enclaves in the midst of revitalization to rugged nature areas and relaxing lakeside towns. While...


500 miles: Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Road Trip through the Roots of America 500 Miles from Minneapolis A road trip 500 miles from Minneapolis will take you on a ride through the diverse roots of both Minnesota and America....

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