What happens when you get in a car accident with a rent a car?

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Sixt rent a car wants to let everyone know what could happen to you if you get a car rental and you get into a accident. Sixt hopes that everyone will drive safe and this will never happen to anyone but if it does this is what needs to be done.

Sixt recommends you to sign up for one of our Limited Damage Waiver (LDW) insurances. If you do not sign up for one of our insurances and then you get in a car accident then you are reliable for the full value of the rental vehicle. However if the customer accepts the minimum LDW the customer is only responsible for up to $300 for the accident, on all category groups. A recommended choice by Sixt. It is the cheapest Insurance to get but it could save you thousands of dollars if something was to happen when you do rent a car.

The other insurance that Sixt rent a car offers is the Super Top Cover LDW, which eliminates the Non- Waiverable responsibility. In this case if you get into a car accident you will owe nothing for the vehicle. For more information about this check out Sixt Rental Information Page!

What do you do when you get into a car accedient with Sixt?

First of all make sure everyone is ok in both vehicles and call 911 immediately if someone is injured. While you are waiting for the police you can call 1-888-749-8227 where you can select your language, then press the number three where you can tell Sixt about the accident.

If the customer is insured the vehicle will be replaced at the branch that you rented from. The customer must have breakdown coverage to cover towing of the vehicle, or to be delivered a new vehicle. Do not forget that an accident report must be filled out and given to the police about the incident.

Sixt hopes this helps people who are looking for information about what happens to you if you do not take the car rental insurance with a rent a car company as well. Drive Safe on your trip!

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