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Making a move abroad is enough to impart a great deal of stress, albeit hopefully coming from a place of excitement. However, it is possible to embark upon such a journey with a bit less anxiety. With just some simple planning ahead, a move abroad can be both fun and easy to execute. For some great ideas check out  Move to England.

Struggles from Moving from the USA to England

Truth be told, moving across the pond to England is one of the simpler journeys to take, particularly if one is coming from the US. Language isn’t a barrier and rest assured, it becomes quite easy to pick up on the local dialect in only a matter of months. If you have time to plan before the big move, one of the most important tasks to undertake is to locate your new housing. Knowing as much about your new neighborhood before arrival will cut down on the typical scrambling to find local grocers, doctors, schools, and other important aspects of a new community. The internet can be your best friend as many Google searches provide “street view” locations so you’re able to visually place yourself in your new surroundings before you arrive. Knowing your new address can also save you money and effort when it comes to packing. Carry-on luggage costs and weights vary from airline to airline as do checked baggage fees. If you can, it’s a good idea to box up a few things and have them sent beforehand to your new address, thus saving you those pesky luggage fees many airlines are charging these days.

Health Insurance in the UK

Obtaining temporary travel health insurance is a must. While you may have a foreign employer willing to provide coverage once you arrive in England, it is necessary to have at least the basic coverage for your travels abroad just in case there are delays in flights in different countries or if you don’t have an employer, you’ll need proof of coverage as part of your petition to stay in England as an ex-pat. England does carry something akin to a national health care plan, however it might not be what you need or want. Temporary health insurance allows you the flexibility to learn about your new adopted country’s health plans and make the most informed decision while maintaining some health coverage for yourself or your family.

In addition to health coverage, obtaining the adequate paperwork i.e., proof of employment in England, proof of residence, and/or proof of US citizenship via a passport, are all crucial in order to ease your transition through customs and into the UK itself. Keep all of this paperwork at the ready with you on your flights, as you may need to show proof of your purpose for coming to the UK at any time during your travels.

Things you need to do before you move

Many employers and/or schools in the UK want to assist those coming from abroad as much as possible and tend to offer “check lists” to help make sure you have everything you need before you arrive. It’s a good idea to use these lists or make one of your own many months ahead of time. Doing this will reduce stress and allow you to enjoy the fun that comes from moving abroad.

Sixt Truck Rental is here to help

If you are looking for a truck rental to make sure that you can get all of the stuff you want from the Airport to your new home think of Sixt Truck Rental  Sixt has over 20 different type of moving vehicles making it easy to get the right size for what ever you moving needs are. We hope you follow are moving check list and that you have a great stay in the UK.

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