Make the Most of Your Trip To Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a vibrant city with progressive values and a hippie attitude. There’s a vibe and energy here unlike anywhere else in the world. With its trendy shops and iconic landmarks, it’s a city you can enjoy to the fullest. Whether you use public transportation, walk, or rent a car, you’ll never be at a loss as to what to do next.

Space Needle

Downtown Seattle is bursting with incredible sights and activities. This includes the city’s most famous landmark, the Space Needle. Construction was completed in December of 1961 and opened on the first day of the World’s Fair, April 21, 1962. The Needle was designed to be a central part of the fair’s futuristic theme. It has a rotating restaurant and observation deck that make it a destination that attracts millions each year.

Pike Place Market

Enjoy the best of locally-owned produce, seafood, bakeries, butcheries, and more at the Pike Place Market. Established in 1907, it includes the largest craft market in the United States. Spend an entire day browsing, shopping, and indulging your taste buds at one of its many great restaurants. The market overlooks Elliot Bay where you’ll marvel at the view. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a latte at the first Starbucks store which opened its doors in 1971.

Seattle to Victoria Ferry, Puget Sound

Board a high-speed ferry from downtown Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia, via Puget Sound and through the Strait of Juan de Fuca before entering the Victoria Harbor. The trip lasts about two to three hours each way, giving you a great opportunity to see whales, porpoises, sea lions, and other spectacular marine life. Don’t forget the camera and also note you will need certain pieces of I.D. to cross the border into Canada.

Washington Park Arboretum

After checking out all the main attractions of downtown Seattle, set your sights a little further. Rent a car and head to Washington Park Arboretum, a 200-acre park that will satisfy any nature buff. From February to November stroll through the Seattle Japanese Garden where you can be a part of a tea ceremony and observe, amid the beautiful gardens, koi and turtles. The park also offers activities like kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and picnicking.

Woodland Park Zoo

Renting a car from Sixt Seattle allows you the freedom to see more of Seattle’s best attractions, and one not to miss is the Woodland Park Zoo in Phinney Ridge. From tigers to gorillas, you’ll want to explore this award-winning zoo and learn about its conservation efforts. For a unique experience, take a tent and join in the Living Wild! Overnight camping program where you’ll pitch your tent, rain or shine, and learn survival skills alongside the animals.

One trip to Seattle will not be enough to see all the great things this city has to offer. Be sure to rent a car with Sixt so you don’t miss any of its best attractions. Go beyond downtown and make your trip even better than you could imagine it to be!

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