Know the Costs of Toll Roads Before you Go!

Once again we at Sixt rent a car have gone the extra mile to make driving even more effortless for our customers. Figuring out tolls is now an easy task with our latest interactive infographic. Covering the most relevant information about all kinds of toll roads across the US and Europe, travelers can plan ahead about where, when, and how to pay before getting on the road.

Like most things in today’s world, tolls have also entered the technological realm and are mostly paid through Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems. The Sixt Toll Road Infographic provides information on how to obtain or purchase an ETC devise and alerts drivers to roadways where an ETC is required for access. Besides the cost and course of the toll road, short descriptions about the history, best use, plus travel tips along the toll route are included on the infographic. With our Toll Road Infographic you can conveniently plan the best course for your multi-city, multi-state, or multi-country road trip. See it live here Toll Road Planner!

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