Is Sixt a Good Company?

We get a lot of questions all over the Internet asking if Sixt rent a car is a good company so I wanted to answer that question for travelers. Most of these questions are coming from the USA because we have opened a few locations in the USA to date it is 7 locations. However if you look for Sixt rent a car abroad you will find Sixt almost everywhere! Sixt is currently in 105 countries and has over 4,000 locations.

Sixt is Great

Sixt rent a car is a good company because Sixt has been in business for 100 years and we would not be a good company if we would be able to last that long and continue to expand and spread our brand internationally. Sixt is a family managed business from the Sixt family “hence the company name”. Sixt is very unknown in the USA causing this confusion but Sixt is considered to be the best car rental company abroad according to abroad news here. Sixt is also the best car rental company in Germany and Austria. Showing that we have great car rental service.

Trust the Customers

We collect reviews from customers to collect feedback about how we could always change and become a better company take a look at our current reviews here. Sixt rent a car is planning on growing and we plan to think of our customers first by trying to meet all of their needs for car rentals all over the world.


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