Is it Better to Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

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Putting together a road trip involves a lot of planning. One way to simplify the process is to rent a car rather than driving your own. There are several benefits to using this strategy that make it worth your while.  Learn why you should rent a car for you road trip here.

No Tune Ups Required

Choosing to drive your own car means that you need to make sure the vehicle is road worthy. This means scheduling out time to take the car in for a fluid and filter checks, a tune up, a wheel balance, and all the other general maintenance stuff. Depending on how quickly the service center can get to you, this can be an all day event. If you rent a car instead, you can do the paperwork and be out the door in thirty minutes or less.

Avoid Wear and Tear on Your Car

Any way you cut it, driving your car will involve putting additional wear and tear on the engine, the tires and the vehicle in general. While that may not seem like a big deal with a newer car, a thousand mile round trip can make a difference to car that is a few years old. If you plan on keeping the car for a few more years, it pays to use it mainly for short trips in and around town and go with a rental car for the longer excursions.

Quick Help on the Road

While you hope that you don’t run in to trouble during your trip, things can happen. For example, you may be in an accident or the car could break down. With either scenario, that’s money out of your pocket and time you have to spend waiting for a strange shop to make the repairs. By contrast, problems with a rental car can be resolved quickly. In case of a breakdown, call the rental agency and arrange for them to pick up the vehicle and bring you a new one. Should an accident occur, the same general strategy works. Either way, the delay is minimal and you can continue on to your destination.

Better Gas Mileage

Unless you happen to own a brand new vehicle, that rental car is likely to offer better gas mileage. Even a small difference in mileage can add up. Depending on how far you are going, the trip to and from the destination could mean having to pay for one more tank of gas. At today’s prices, that isn’t a minor expense.

Renting rather than driving your car also makes sense in terms of preserving your peace of mind. Along with the financial benefits and saving time on the road, there is also the security of knowing that if something does go wrong, you don’t have to deal with it all by yourself. That benefit alone would make the rental worth every penny.

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