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Rent a Car that Accommodates Your Plans with Sixt

Life is unpredictable, plans change and travel often requires flexibility. Taking these factors into consideration, Sixt offers various time period car rental options. Rent a car for a day or a weekend, or see about a weekly or long term car rental. With our affordable rates, diverse fleet of premium vehicles and easy to reach branch locations we can be your solution to getting around in comfort and convenience. Let us know your mobility needs and we can help you arrange the right rental agreement. For a short trip or a long journey Sixt will gladly get you on the road!

One Day Rental:

Rome was not built in a day, but maybe that is because no one thought to rent a car! There is a lot that can be accomplished within a day and with a one day rental you have 24 hours and unlimited mileage to achieve all you can. If flying in for a quick business meeting or interview arrive relaxed, on time and ready to impress, by arranging a one day rental at any of our airport locations. Renting a car for a day is also an ideal way to take care of larger transport tasks. We have a selection of cargo vans that you can rent on a daily basis. Save on costs and move house yourself or have the ability to purchase a heavy appliance, new furniture or supplies for a project. Renting a larger van for a day makes group outings possible and also allows you to say yes to a one-off delivery or decorating job. Yet another advantage is the chance to enhance a special occasion. For example, a luxury or exotic one day car rental can make a wedding or other special celebration even more memorable. Whatever your plans or purpose, go ahead and Carpe Diem with a Sixt one day car rental!


 Weekend Rental:

Are you ready for the weekend? With a weekend rental from Sixt you certainly will be! Give yourself the means to make an escape from the city or plan an adventure to an unknown destination. A weekend away gives you just the right amount of time to take in a new experience or environment. Whether you are needing to unwind or let loose, a weekend rental offers the opportunity to get away and get whatever it is you need. Weekend warriors can take advantage of our deals on cool sports cars and convertibles to cruise the streets of top cities. See what is on offer at our branches in fun destinations like Miami, San Francisco or Atlanta. Those wanting to head outdoors can choose their weekend rental from a variety of SUVs and minivans that can easily accommodate cargo and travel companions. Explore the dramatic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest from our Seattle locations or the charms of the Midwest when renting a car in Minneapolis. With our numerous airport rental locations you can combine a cheap flight with an affordable rental car and make it to that yoga retreat or reunion. Or fit some romance or quality time with family into a jam packed week and getaway with a rental car for the weekend. Relax, rejuvenate and refresh with a Sixt weekend car rental!

porsche-panamera-4d-grau-2014Rent a BMW Z4 in Istanbul

Weekly Rental:

Get to know a new location with a weekly rental. Besides getting to see and do more, renting for a week generally means a lower daily rate. Not only do you have a comfortable and convenient way to be mobile, but you can save money too! A weekly rental allows you to have a more unique journey as you can reach beyond the main tourist attractions and explore off the beaten path. Renting a car for a week in Fort Lauderdale, for example, gives you an opportunity to visit Orlando and the Everglades as well. A weekly rental in Phoenix or Las Vegas lets you fit in a trip to the Grand Canyon while a weeklong car rental in New Jersey opens your trip to the thrills of New York City. Additionally, renting a car for a week is a good way to see if a vehicle really suits you before buying. Test driving a car out on the road with a weekly car rental can better inform your decision than a quick test drive around a dealership.

Get a cheap price on BMW X3 SUV car rentals with Sixt

Long Term and Monthly Car Rental:

A long term or monthly car rental is an ideal way to stay independent on an extended stay. Whether taking a vacation or taking care of business, when away for long period it’s great to have your own means of transportation. Plus with Sixt, when you rent for a month or longer you can cut down on costs as you will typically receive a lower daily rate. With an affordable way to get around you can easily avoid winter in a warmer climate or work on a project away from home. A long term rental allows you to travel at a slower place and really see and experience where you are. You can travel California from top to bottom and visit its varied landscapes or head out on a road trip around Arizona. A monthly rental is not only beneficial to those on holiday. Renting a car for a prolonged time period is also useful when needing a replacement vehicle due to repairs or an accident. Just be sure to book your long term rental in advance so the Sixt branch can secure the vehicle you want for your desired duration.


With a large selection of vehicles, competitive rates and comprehensive services, Sixt can cater to just about any car rental requirements. Whatever travel plans or transportation needs you might have, we are confident in our ability to get you on the road in the right vehicle. Providing a fleet that features everything from luxury cars to cargo vans, and offering flexible rental arrangements means we can get you going at the speed and style you desire.

Get on the road with Sixt rent a car in the US!

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