Destination LA!

Well it’s about time to get your bags backed and head somewhere different this weekend, what do you think? It’s good to have a change from your normal everyday life in San Jose and try something new this weekend. Let Sixt free you mind and offer you a wild ride, whether going to a weekend break or finding an excuse to visit your friends!

one way car rental

Well if you weren’t aware of it already, Sixt offer a one way car rental from San Jose to LA allowing you to simple sit back and enjoy the ride from one location to the other. With one way car rental it gives you the chance to rent a nicer, sexier car for cheap as you’re only renting it for that day. Time to impress your friends or family when rolling up their driveway in one of SIXT’s many luxury, sporty and stylish cars! One way car rental must be the most convient way to travel, as you are able to pick up the car in one location and drop it off in another not giving you the worry about parking or leaving the car in a unfamiliar area. For those of of us who are worried about coming back to the car damaged by someone else can be taken away because at the end of the day the car will be back in safe hands with staff at Sixt.

Another example which will tempt you to rent a one way car rental is that you will only have to fill the tank once before you arrive. So if your journey is quick and drive economy the price to fill your tank will be very cost efficient indeed! It would be definitely worth checking out the prices between one way car rental and normal rental options before planning your next trip down to LA.


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