Pay Now and Save with Sixt rent a car

22 Jan 2015 by Andy     

At Sixt rent a car, we offer a pay now and save service meaning that if you make a booking now, there are big savings to be made. The amount of discount you receive depends entirely on the class and model of car which you decide to rent. Once you have decided on the area you are travelling too, find the closest Sixt rent a car branch and browse through our range of cars that suit you best and click forward to reserve and witness for yourself how much you will save. Leaving you extra room for discussion when wanting to pay for extra add-ons such as insurance and GPS which are an essential when navigating your way through downtown areas in a new BMW or Mercedes.

Prepay car rental with sixt rent a car, save on your next car rental with great discounts

Sounds too good to be true? Well now it’s time to try it out for yourself, simply navigate to our Prepay car rental page and continue with the booking process to see how much you can save this year with your next car rental! One of the most frustrating moments when renting a car in any country is waiting to be served at the rental counter. But fear not with this prepay service, you fly yourself into the express lane, and instead of waiting for an available car, the car will be waiting for you.

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Sixt continues to push expansion in the USA

20 Jan 2015 by Oana Sticea     
  • New station opened in Detroit, more stations planned in other cities such as Dallas, Boston, and Philadelphia
  • Number of locations almost doubled to 50 over the course of 2014
  • Sixt wins Expedia and customer satisfaction survey

Munich / Fort Lauderdale, January 19, 2015 – Sixt, Germany’s biggest car rental company, is continuing to push its expansion in North America. The international mobility provider now has a station at Detroit Metro Airport offering its customers a comprehensive range of premium services and a broad spectrum of well appointed vehicles including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac. One of the Detroit station’s major target groups will be the American automobile industry which is based there.

Sixt will steadily continue to build up its network of stations in the USA, which is the world’s largest car rental market. Having opened in Detroit, other new locations are planned for the course of the year at major transport hubs, including rental stations at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Boston’s Logan International Airport, and Philadelphia International Airport. Sixt is also planning new downtown stations in other major North American urban centers.

Sixt now has a total of more than 50 locations in the USA, which means it almost doubled its number of stations over the course of last year (beginning of 2014: 26 locations). Locations at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, San Diego International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and in Atlanta developed especially dynamically last year. Read all about: Sixt continues to push expansion in the USA

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What’s New at Sixt USA?

14 Jan 2015 by Andy     

It was time for a revamp of the much loved Electric car rental page. This time we have more up to date information on the electric cars we have and the benefits of going electric in 2015. Have you seen these cars in the media and ever thought what it would be like to get behind the wheel of a revolutionary automobile? Well with Sixt we can turn this dream into reality as we are increasing the availability of these vehicles across the globe. Making consumers like yourself feel in control of driving any car you wish for your next rental experience.  So without further ado take a look at the Electric Car Rental page now and leave a comment about your experiences on our new information.

At Sixt we are trying to make and partner up with some of the best companies in the world to provide you with the most relevant and up to date information to make your vacation or business trip easier to handle and stress free. While on this topic, we have a new parking tips page with is definitely worth a look at if you have any plans on visiting Tampa anytime soon! We are generating a lot of feedback that parking can be a difficult task in specific cities in the USA. Therefore, we are creating parking tips pages for you all to see and provide support when finding that perfect spot. Welcome to parking in Tampa!

Cheap car rentals at sixt, including  all eclectric car, and more parking in tampa information

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Sixt rent a car arrives in Detroit, Michigan

9 Jan 2015 by Izzi     

Sixt would like to welcome you to our new location at Detroit Metropolitan Airport that will be opening its doors on the 12th January. You can also already book online here and select the perfect vehicle for your journey. Upon arriving at Detroit Airport, you will quickly and easily find our branch besides the car rental center, where you will receive excellent customer service and the keys to your Sixt rental car of choice. Whether you have an important business trip, family vacation or weekend away to visit the lakes, ensure that the journey is extra special and problem free with a top quality rental car from Sixt. Renting a car doesn’t have to be so expensive; Sixt offers affordable prices and a selection of deals to help you save cash. Find out more below about what to discover in the action packed city of Detroit.

Rent a car from Sixt in Detroit, Michigan for a great price

paul bica via Flickr

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BMW z4 rental cars from Sixt!

7 Jan 2015 by Andy     

That’s right folks, we have the newest, sexiest and favorite of all BMW rentals from Sixt rent a car. The BMW Z4 convertible is now available for rent and we can’t wait to show it off to you. We hope that when you are choosing to drive a luxury convertible in the city of San Francisco you will think of the z4 to make your trip more exciting.

bmw z4 car rental from sixt rent a car, drive a bmw today

When it’s holiday season, it’s the time to splash out to really enjoy the whole experience and not go home disappointed wishing you did more or did something differently. The Z4 will take these worries away, but let me warn you, you might end up living in the car because you won’t want to get out of it. The super comfortable interior and succulent exterior leaves this dream car being the hottest model on the rent a car market. If you want to read more about the BMW Z4 from Sixt check out the car model page here.

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Sixt would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

31 Dec 2014 by Andy     

It has been a great year at Sixt in 2014 we have opened lots of new locations in the USA and still haven’t planned on stopping anytime soon. I hope that all of you have experienced our exceptional customer service and furthermore pleased with the vehicles we have had to offer over the past year. Now another year has passed we will shortly see new car models creep into circulation, so don’t forget to keep checking out our fleet at locations near you or for your next vacation or business trip.

Before the New Year comes we have to enjoy the festive New Year’s Eve. There is no better time to rent a car to go visit family or friends in cities nearby. So while you’re looking around to find the best deals, take in mind our New Year’s Eve Rental deal: We have a range of different vehicles which will be more than suitable for your needs, whether you fancy splashing out on a convertible or sports car, or if the more family oriented SUV’s are more your thing we have the right luxury car for you, so why not come by one of our branches and check them out! After all it’s the time of year to be jolly and experience new adventures!

Happy New Years from Sixt

Happy New Years from Sixt

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New Location – Atlanta/Union City BMW Car Rental

26 Dec 2014 by Andy     

That’s right everybody, yet another location up and running taking bookings daily, Atlanta here we come! It is great to see the number of locations opening in the past few months, but still a lot more to come, so keep your eyes peeled for the next update! But before then, let us tell you a few things about Atlanta, and what awesome things you can do with your BMW car rental.

Let’s not jump to conclusions but BMW is one of the best brands to rent from Sixt as we are providing only the best models from their fleet, so you can guarantee to find your perfect car for your next rental.

The branch manager is called Elio Avila, and she can’t wait to welcome you into her branch located inside BMW of South Atlanta Dealership. Sixt are offering all types of vehicle from the largest BMW fleet in the world ranging from a BMW 228i, a roomy X5 to a more luxurious BMW 740.

Atlanta Picture, sixt rental car

Sixt rent a car, moving for over 100 years

Read all about: New Location – Atlanta/Union City BMW Car Rental

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Unusual Christmas Traditions Across the World

22 Dec 2014 by Izzi     

The home comforts we receive at Christmas time are so familiar and warming; there is nothing quite like feeling cozy by crackling fires whilst it snows outside, spreading festive cheer to loved ones, and of course the copious amounts of delicious food you can justify feasting on. Whereas many families hold their own similar traditions across the US, lots of countries have unusual customs that are both interesting and special. Discover how this festive period is experienced and how people come together across the four corners of the world.

Sixt rent a car discover Christmas traditions across world


Read all about: Unusual Christmas Traditions Across the World

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Sixt: Premium mobility solutions in Paraguay

19 Dec 2014 by Izzi     
Filed under: About Sixt,New Rental Locations     

Fort Lauderdale / Asunción, 15 December 2014 – Sixt continues its expansion: The international mobility provider has started in Paraguay and opened its first rental location in the nation’s capital Asunción. With this, Sixt expands its network in South America: The company has been successfully operating in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Peru for many years. In Paraguay, Sixt works together with an experienced franchisee.

sixt rent a car expands to paraguay

María Eugenia Lujan via Flickr.

  Read all about: Sixt: Premium mobility solutions in Paraguay

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Sixt expands branch network in the Caribbean

16 Dec 2014 by Andy     

New locations on St. Lucia as well as Trinidad and Tobago:

Fort Lauderdale / Castries / Port of Spain, 15 December 2014 – Sixt expands its presence in the Caribbean with new locations in the island states of St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. With this, the international mobility provider continues its strong expansion and growth in the region. On both islands, Sixt works together with experienced and successful franchisees.

Ruediger Proske, Senior Vice President Franchise at Sixt: “We are very happy to have such motivated, customer oriented and experienced partners for both St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. We are convinced they will further strengthen our brand awareness in the Caribbean and the USA.”


sixt rent a car in the caribbean,

Nick Kenrick via Flick.r

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Sixt rent a car comes to San Francisco Airport

12 Dec 2014 by Izzi     

Continuing our expansion throughout California, Sixt has opened a new branch at San Francisco International Airport, where you can expect to find our great deals, fantastic customer service and a huge fleet of high quality cars. Located just a short shuttle bus ride away from the car rental center, the Sixt San Francisco Airport station will be sure to satisfy your rental car needs regardless of your party size or plans. Whether you are visiting this beautiful and exciting city for a fun-filled vacation or hectic business trip, Sixt will have the perfect rental for you at a great price. Choose from a wide selection of car brands and models from categories such as luxury, convertible, economy and SUV and upgrade the vehicle with a beneficial add-on such as additional driver insurance, GPS navigation or baby seats. Once you have selected the perfect car rental for your trip, you will soon be setting off into the inspiring city of San Francisco.

Choose Sixt rent a car for cheap deals on car rentals in San Francisco

Alain Picard via Flickr

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Christmas is Approaching

10 Dec 2014 by Andy     
sixt christmas festives, rental car from sixt for great deals over the holiday season

Get in the Christmas Spirit with Sixt rent a car

It’s that time of year again, we are getting closer and closer to the big day and I haven’t bought any presents. But to top it off, I really don’t want to go shopping and join the other 3 million panic buyers in a rush to get the best / any present to give someone. It is also that time of year when you realize how big your family is and how much you have to do to prepare for this day. I know even though the shopping is painful and time consuming it is all for a great moment to share with your loved ones – this is the one reason why Christmas is so important and why we should treasure these times. It’s turning out that in more recent times there is always another addition to the family making it harder and harder to cater for, but I will not fail! Other than the catering, more people means more gifts will be received meaning more smiling faces and as I am the host, I am officially off washing up and cleaning duties.

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5 Dec 2014 by Andy     

BMW Group and Sixt team up to launch London’s most flexible and

smart car sharing service – DriveNow

World leaders in urban mobility solutions, BMW Group and Sixt today announced the launch of London’s most spontaneous and flexible car sharing service – DriveNow.

The DriveNow service, which already has over 350,000 customers globally across seven locations (Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna and San Francisco) will launch across three London boroughs Islington, Hackney and Haringey from today with other boroughs set to launch the pioneering service in 2015.

Joseph Seal-Driver, UK Head of DriveNow comments:  ‘Car sharing has really begun to capture Londoners’ imaginations but it’s still a fairly niche service. Londoners have told us that current services don’t reflect how they live and move. Our goal is that DriveNow’s introduction of a location and booking free, drive-by-the-minute, park anywhere service will act as the tipping point in transforming car sharing into a mainstream mobility choice for Londoners.’

A one-time registration fee of £29 gives DriveNow customers access to a fleet of 210 (up to 300 in 2015) top of the range BMW 1 Series and MINIs. From Spring 2015 the fleet will also be London’s first electric car fleet with the arrival of 30 BMW i3s.

DriveNow from BMW and SIXT rent a car today

Kevin Hackert via

DriveNow car sharing service promises not only to be London’s most stylish, but also its most flexible and spontaneous car sharing service thanks to being entirely location and booking free – cars have no fixed bay to return to, and can be dropped for free anywhere across the boroughs.

The DriveNow App (available on iOS and Android devices) is used by customers to locate and open their nearest car, or they simply use their customer card to unlock and activate a car they’ve seen on the street.

Their driving experience is then totally tailored to their needs as they only pay for the minutes they drive (at 39p a minute with an hourly cap of £20 to drive a DriveNow car, or from as low as 32p with DriveNow savings packages) and can drop the car for as long as they want, wherever they want. The DriveNow service has been the first in London to negotiate with the boroughs Hackney, Islington and Haringey for its customers to be able to park in ANY legal on-street parking space, including all residential parking zones, giving its members unparalleled parking access across some of the capital’s busiest creative, leisure and business centres.

Read all about: DriveNow – FIND IT.  DRIVE IT.  DROP IT

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Sixt rent a car comes to Minneapolis Airport, Minnesota!

3 Dec 2014 by Izzi     

Sixt is happy to announce their new location at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport where you can find all the fantastic customer service and great deals you’d come to expect. As it is our first branch in The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Sixt is excited to make a great impression in the Twin Cities. Our new Minneapolis Airport station is easy to find, located just outside of the car rental center besides the Airport. Our shuttle bus will be waiting to take you straight to our door where you will be handed the keys to your top quality rental car of choice.

Sixt rent a car offer fantastic deals on rental cars in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lake Harriet by Jon DeJong via Flickr

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Sixt and Concur Announce Partnership

20 Nov 2014 by Izzi     

Business traveling is made easier with the new partnership between Sixt and Concur which means you can now link both profiles to enable direct rental car bookings with Sixt while maintaining compliance with your company’s travel and expense policies. For business travellers, this means more flexibility during the booking process. For companies the partnership allows more visibility into spending. Finance and travel managers simultaneously receive a clear overview of all bookings, even if these are made directly through our website.

Via Concur/Sixt

Via Concur/Sixt

Read all about: Sixt and Concur Announce Partnership

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